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DareToListen Poetry is a platform that brings you an entirely ​new outlook on the Poetry Community. Poetry doesn't stop ​at just open mics and showcases. Watch as we bring you ​performances by poets everywhere, poetry in cinematic form ​with both Poets and Actors, and now a Poetry Podcast ​dedicated to the artists behind the pen.

At DareToListen / DTL Poetry, our mission is to continue to ​create a safe space for all poets to share their voices. We ​open our platform to poets all over. We have a variety of ​featured poets and open mic signups, that venture from ​various cities to join our Poetic Vibez Events.

You can find our events held at Philly Create Studios.

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Patricia Wood is a dynamic self-published author ​and the visionary behind DareToListen Poetry and ​Poetic Film. Her work resonates with those who ​struggle to express themselves, providing a voice ​for the voiceless. Based in Philadelphia, ​Pennsylvania, Patricia built DareToListen from the ​ground up, expanding her reach across various ​social media platforms.

As an independent entrepreneur, Patricia's tenacity ​and creativity have earned her recognition as the ​curator of DTL Poetic Vibez, an innovative ​showcase and open mic event. This platform ​fosters a supportive community where poets can ​share their work. She has produced six official ​volumes of DTL Poetry and is actively continuing ​the series.

In addition to her written works, Patricia has ​seamlessly integrated film into her poetry projects, ​offering a unique visual dimension to the art form. ​Her groundbreaking approach invites audiences to ​not only hear poetry but also see it, bringing a new ​depth of experience to poetic expression.

DTLPoetry Team

Davine Enriquez-Maddox

CEO of DTLPoetry

Davine, the CEO of DTLPoetry, blends creative ​vision with strategic leadership to elevate the ​poetry community. Passionate about fostering ​a supportive and inclusive space, Davine has ​expanded the company through innovative ​events, social media, and multimedia projects. ​Their balanced approach to artistic and ​business management ensures that DTL ​Poetic Vibez thrives as a dynamic platform for ​poets to share and inspire.

Jovan McKoy aka ThePoetbul

Co-Host of DTL Poetic Vibez

Jovan is the dedicated co-host of DTL Poetic ​Vibez, bringing a vibrant energy and a deep ​appreciation for poetry to each event. With a ​passion for creating a welcoming atmosphere, ​Jovan ensures that every poet feels valued ​and supported. Their enthusiasm for the art ​form shines through as they introduce ​featured poets and manage open mic sign-​ups, making DTL Poetic Vibez a nurturing ​space for poetic expression.

Maurice Brown aka MoeFlowz


Meet MoeFlowz, the multitasking assistant and ​talented videographer behind the scenes at DTL. ​With a passion for poetry and a knack for visual ​storytelling, Moe ensures that each performance ​is captured with precision and artistry.

Beyond videography, Moe plays a pivotal role in ​supporting the smooth flow of our events. From ​setting up equipment to assisting with logistics, ​their dedication and attention to detail contribute ​to the success of DTL.

Brandon ‘Mello’ Jones

Co-Host of DTL Poetic Vibez

Meet Mello Jones, another co-host of DTL ​Poetic viBEZ. With a warm and engaging ​presence, Mello enriches each event with their ​passion for poetry and commitment to ​community. They play a vital role in welcoming ​poets and ensuring a supportive atmosphere for ​all participants. Through their enthusiastic ​introductions and thoughtful interactions, Mello ​helps create memorable experiences that ​celebrate the power of poetic expression on the ​platform.

Poetic Film


Not Enough

Do you know what a rainbow baby is? What about the topic ​in itself being held in with shame, guilt and ​embarrassment? Do you wonder how the men feel, or is it ​considered too subjective?



Mental Health is one of the most valuable things. At times ​it is often ignored when it is not made a priority. It can lead ​to clouded judgement, false identities, anxiety, or worse. ​How often are you checked up on? Better yet... Are you ​okay?



There are uncomfortable conversations we tend to have ​behind closed doors, that no one talks about. If honesty ​was given in its most direct form, there would be more ​clarity than what people may think. How do you express ​your pain to someone for the same issue you have with one ​another? Are your perspectives different or the same? Or ​are things forever one sided?


poetic vibez


Interview with DTLPoetry

This podcast is a dedicated space for poets behind the ​pen, shining a spotlight on the artistry and creativity that ​fuels their work. Hosted with passion and enthusiasm, DTL ​Poetic Vibez Podcast invites poets that have performed on ​the DTL Poetic Vibez Platform in the Philadelphia Area, to ​schedule their opportunity to share who they are to the ​world!

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Winter Release 12.22.24

Dive into a transformative journey with "Unspoken," a ​compelling series of poems that unveil emotions and ​lessons from the past, present, and future. These never-​before-heard poems offer an intimate glimpse into the ​heart's deepest recesses, capturing the essence of growth, ​reflection, and renewal.

All DTL Poetry Books can be purchased on Amazon Prime ​and at scheduled DTL Poetic Vibez Events in person.

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At DTL Poetic Vibez, we believe in the transformative power of poetry ​and the importance of providing a safe, nurturing space for poets to ​express themselves and thrive. Our platform is dedicated to ​showcasing diverse voices and offering resources that help poets on ​their creative journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us via email at dtlpoetry@gmail.com, if you cannot find an answer to your question.

When was DTL ​Poetic Vibez ​Established?

Located in the ​Philadelphia area, DTL ​Poetic Vibez was ​founded in 2022 as a ​way to bring together ​artists, performers, ​and art enthusiasts ​from around the world. ​Since then, we have ​grown to become a ​safe haven platform ​for promoting and ​showcasing the best of ​arts and ​entertainment.

How can I sign up ​for the Open Mic ​List?

We ask all poets that are ​interested in signing up ​for our open mic list, to ​purchase their sign up ​ticket. Visit our Events ​section and select the ​event you are interested ​in. Open mic signups ​have a specific ticket ​option to be added to ​the list.

Once the purchase has ​been made, artists are ​automatically on the list.

Slot availability is ​limited. When the signup ​ticket option is sold out, ​this is an indicator that ​the list is full.

Is my performance ​recorded?

All poets are recorded ​during their ​performances. DTL ​Poetry team will edit ​videos and post ​periodically throughout ​the year.

We thank you for ​patience as we are ​constantly editing ​multiple artist at a ​time.

Does the platform ​offer vending ​options?

We encourage ​entrepreneurs ​interested in vending, ​as well as poets that ​are selling ​merchandise, vend at ​our events. By joining ​our event, we bring the ​clients to you that fill ​the room. All vendors ​interested in vending, ​please purchase a ​vendor ticket option ​for the event date you ​would like to vend. ​Visit our Events page ​for upcoming open ​mics and showcases.



We welcome all poets everywhere! ​Interested in performing, vending and or ​filming poetry?

All inquiries can be sent to our email.


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